Whitby Real Estate Listings

Published on January 25 2016

Looking for Whitby real estate listings? Well, you can either keep looking or let the Whitby real estate agents find the most suitable listings for you.

If you are in the market to buy new home in Whitby, ON or buy resell homes in Whitby, then there are more than one ways of finding the most suitable listing for your home.

Whitby real estate listings on the internet

There are various internet sites and resources where you can find new and resell Whitby real estate listings. Major sources include MLS, Realtor, Classified sites like kijiji, craigslist, etc. along with these major sites for finding Whitby real estate listings, you can also find listing on various Whitby real estate agents websites.

Is the internet a good place to find Whitby real estate listings?

While the internet has lots of resources and all resell homes that are on the market are entered in to the MLS and Realtor national and regional sites, looking for homes this way is pretty much searching for a needle in the hay stack. Once you find a home that you might like to take a look, you will have to call the listing agent and make an appointment to see the house. You will need to do that to see each and every single house you will like to see that you find on the internet.

Its not like finding the house that you want to buy yourself is saving you any money. In reality, its actually costing you in both time and money to do the house hunt on your own. As a home buyer, you do not pay any sales commission when you buy a house. The commission your Whitby real estate agent will be paid is paid by the home seller. Also, if you house hunt on your own, you will need to drive around to find the houses and to see a house by calling the listing agent, you will need to drive to the house you want to see. If you contact a Whitby real estate agent to search for your house, the qualified agent will search for multiple houses and will drive you around to show you those houses. You can see few houses at a time without spending even a liter of your own gas or having to drive your own car. So looking for Whitby Real Estate Listings through a Whitby realtor is an idea choice.

Do I have to pay anything to the agent to find me Whitby Real Estate Listings?

NO! you don’t have to pay a dime to your Whitby real estate agent when buying a house. Agent commission is paid by the seller therefore when you avail the services of a Whitby Realtor, you get his service completely for free.

How long it takes to find the ideal Whitby Real Estate Listings?

House hunt it number's game. You might find the house of your dream on your first visit to a house or on your very first show, or it might take week or even weeks to find the ideal house. All depends on your search criteria. Some people take their time looking for Whitby Real Estate Listings while some buy a house after seeing a few as they think a house is a house. If you are serious about buying a house in Whitby, ON, it should not take any more than two weeks for you to find your dream home.

What happens after I find the perfect Whitby Real Estate Listings?

Once you find the perfect hose that suits your expectation, you tell your Whitby Realtor to prepare an offer. Your agent will tell you whether the listing price for your desired home has been listed as per the market value or its been over or under priced. Upon consulting with our agent, you will then submit an offer mentioning the far value that you are willing to pay. A house that is listed according to market value typically gets sold for about 94% - 96% list to sale ratio. Then again, it is only if the house is fairly priced to begin with. Your agent will be able to help you in this area.

Save money with Whitby Real Estate Listings search

A qualified Whitby real estate agent will help you save money in your home buy. There are so many ways to save money while buying a home that it only makes sense to hire an agent to look for your biggest purchase of your lifetime. Proper valuation of a property, tough negotiation, ideal neighborhood, school zone, transit, malls and places of worship, etc are among many things to consider when you are buying a home. Your agent can find the house in a most desirable area for you to save money on not just the purchase cost of the house, but also on commuting time for schools, malls, work commuting, etc.

Your Whitby real estate agents are familiar with the area so based on your criteria, your agent will be able to select the best area for you to buy a home. Contact your agent today and let your Realtor know about your preference and let the hunt begin.

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